Living a Radical Life – Like Jesus

Pedestrians at Bay and King Streets“Each time I read Luke 6:27-31 I reflect back to that day [when my purse was snatched.]  I wonder, how would it have been different had I hollered at that kid and said (in my not-that-great Russian), ‘Hey come back! I want to give you the rest of the money in my coat pocket! And, tell your friends that I’ll pass on my jacket and warm boots too.’  I’m confident, had I done so, he would never believe my words were true.”  Read more from Cas…

Guest Post by Cas Monaco

2010CasandBobMonaco (1 of 43)Cas loves teaching God’s Word. She shares insight from her years of experience as a missionary, pastor’s wife, mentor, and follower of Christ as she challenges women to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus Christ. Currently Cas, and her husband Bob, serve on the staff of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), in Durham, North Carolina. She loves hot, black coffee, M&Ms (plain and peanut), TJ Maxx and Anthropologie, and the color red.

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