Urgency in God’s Harvest (Guest Post)

Hale Farm & Village in Ohio“My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work”, Jesus told them. “Don’t you say, ‘There are still four more months, then comes the harvest?’  Listen to what I’m telling you: Open your eyes and look at the fields, for they are ready for harvest.”  ~ John 4:34-35

I appreciate these thoughts from my friend, Janey:

How long does a harvest last? It’s not very long. Usually, when the fruit is ripe, a farmer has to hurry to get the product out of the fields before it starts falling to the ground to rot. There is urgency to a harvest time because there is a definite time when the opportunity to harvest will be lost. Because of this, the farmer suspends all activities and does little else until the harvest is collected. He spends hours on the field, only stopping for brief periods to eat and sleep. When the harvest is too great for one man to bring it all in he calls other farmers to help with his harvest. His focus is on the harvest and will do whatever is necessary to reap what he has sowed.

What about a spiritual harvest? The same principles of a natural harvest can be applied to a spiritual harvest. There will be a definite time when it is too late to harvest souls resulting in the souls not being harvested lost for all eternity, separated from God’s love and forgiveness. The fields will not remain ripe indefinitely. In order to have an abundant harvest, there is urgency for the workers to focus on little else other than the harvest. They do not concern themselves with anything else, except what it takes to bring in the harvest.

God’s Spiritual harvest is immediate too. A farmer first sows the seed, waits four months for it to grow and then harvests the fruit. There is a time before the fruit is ready to be harvested. However, God’s Spiritual harvest is often immediate. You sow the seed, and God causes the field to be ripe and ready for harvesting. What a great God He is!

NOTE: Sus took this photo of the Hale Farm in northeast Ohio many years ago.

One thought on “Urgency in God’s Harvest (Guest Post)

  1. What a great post, thank you for sharing these thoughts. I was thinking about something similar earlier today, about the urgency of things, including our witnessing before other people. I was reminded not to take time for granted, and to serve with zeal. This is a great post to confirm what I have been seeking after.
    Thank you and God bless you!



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