The Trick-or-Treaters

One spring day several years ago, our daughter slid the door open and stuck her head in the van. “Can Leon have a ride home, Mom?”

“Sure, Sweetheart,” I replied.

Jenn introduced me to Leon, a freshman she knew from riding the school bus.

After we were underway, Jennifer said to Leon, “My mom and dad work for Campus Crusade for Christ.”

“Oh…” Leon said. “Halloween!”

“Wow!” I thought. “Where did he make that connection?” I chuckled when I learned it was because of the tracts I hand out every year for Trick-or-Treaters.

Every year, I plan ahead and buy the tracts I’ll need in plenty of time.  I set up a little table by the door with a bowl of candy (it’s got to be chocolate) and stacks of tracts.  I’ll turn the porch light on and plug in our jack o’lantern (since the kids have grown and gone, we don’t carve a pumpkin anymore).  And then I wait.

We’re on a dead-end street so we never know if we’ll have many, or any, trick-or-treaters come to our door.  (Over the years, I wonder how many families in our subdivision have seen Campus Crusade for Christ tracts because of Halloween.)

Some tracts that I use are:

Both can be ordered at Campus Crusade’s online store.  (The store offers Scripture candy with tracts, too).

If teenagers or adults also come to your door, you may want to also order:

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The image: We took this photo of me and of Jenn in her angel costume when she was still in high school.

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