Otter Sightings and More

Two otters

The past few weeks have been really fun for me, nature-wise.

  • Mike and I have been monitoring a nest in a large oak.  Almost every time we stop by we see a Great Horned Owl and her owlet.  (See the photo of two baby owls from two years ago.)
  • Jenn and I saw four deer in our back yard last week.
  • Yesterday, some neighbors and I watched these two otters in the pond at the end of the block. (Thanks to Geoff for the great photo!)  The otter on the bank is eating a fish.  When I “got too close” they barked at me for several minutes.
  • Last week at the office, more than 1,000 swallows were circling and twittering over the property.
  • Also, near the office, some of Jenn’s friends saw a rare Florida Eastern Fox Squirrel.  I’m going to look for it whenever I’m over there now.  It’s twice the size of a grey squirrel and has a white nose.

NOTE: Many of you may know I have a degree in biology.  I love God’s creation and enjoy identifying plants and animals.  I’ve done a lot of reading and some teaching about Creation (I believe in a literal six-day creation in the recent past).   I’ll be posting more regular creation-related content on The Sovereign blog.

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