A Blogging Ministry

In 2003, a friend encouraged me to try writing my way-of-life witnessing stories in a blog. I started my first blog, The Sower, to encourage Christians to share their faith. I now write three blogs, each with a different “theme.” All of my blogs have evangelistic and pre-evangelistic links sprinkled throughout, so, hopefully, even the most random visitor could find a Gospel presentation.


MikeandSus.org has had almost 35,000 hits (this includes the visitor count from the old location). Not only do our family and friends enjoy our activities on our family blog, but our random visitors are reading some of our stories. For instance, the post, “God Knows Who You Should Marry” has had over 1.600 readers and “When Your First Child Leaves Home for College,” over 700.  (You might want to visit the first post to see a photo of Mike and I in the early 80’s.)   These posts still get more visitors on the old location than on this new site.  I’d appreciate your prayers that more visitors would come here when they search on the internet for “God who should I marry”  and other searches. I’ll be trying some things to move their Google searches from the old sites to this blog.

In these true stories and events in our lives, I point my visiting readers to God.  I don’t necessarily know what the most popular posts will be at the time I write them, so, for example, after I knew our photo of a rocket launch was very popular, I added a link in the post to a testimony of two Christian rocket scientists. (This post has had 5,500 visitors.) On another popular post with a photo of a butterfly, I included a link to why butterflies could not have evolved.

The Sower

I still continue The Sower as part of this site under “Our Ministry.” The Sower had 14,000 hits before I moved it here. Please pray that I would be faithful in sharing my faith, first of all, and that I would make the time to write about my experiences two to three times per month.  Readers have told me that my stories have encouraged them and I’d like to continue to give even more Christians confidence to share their faith.  God has blessed The Sower so I would like to be disciplined about continuing to post these true stories and tips.

Posts from the Sower that were published on ccci.org:

A story from The Sower quoted in Worldwide Challenge magazine (Jan. 2008):

The Sovereign

The Sovereign blog is written with a post-Rapture audience in mind. By God’s grace, I’ve had almost 37,000 hits from 147 countries. Topics center around the soon-return of Jesus Christ and include posts about current events, creation, prophecy, and living holy lives.  The most popular post, Babylon Today, has had over 11,000 visitors!  I continually experiment how to bring more visitors to the site.  I’ve added tags in other languages and recently started an online paper based on my Twitter feed to increase followers.

eQuipping for eMinistry

God has been so good to help me learn of different things to do in blogging and in using technology for ministry.  I’ve experimented and learned over the years, but as a good steward,  I couldn’t keep all this experience to myself.  So, two-and-a-half years ago, God opened the door for me to work under Judy Douglass, helping as many people as possible to learn how to use technology for ministry (Judy and I are working together in the photo).

I teach a lot of people through eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e), my fastest-growing blog with over 39,000 hits since September of 2009.  I’ve helped a number of Campus Crusade for Christ staff start blogs or improve their blogs.  I helped Judy Douglass, wife of the president, start her blog, Kindling.  (She wrote an unsolicited promotional post for e4e on her blog in January, which hopefully, will bring in some more readers.) Thank you for praying that I will be able to encourage many bloggers to add evangelistic material to their blogs by showing them some of the ideas I’ve tried.

So, what’s next?

  • I want to include more stories and links to attract visitors to my blogs and to share the Gospel with them in different ways. I appreciate your prayers that I will be able to write meaningful stories, that people will find these posts, and that my readers’ hearts will turn toward God.
  • I’m also organizing many different ways to train our staff in various tech skills, not just blogging. (Twelve people helped me with our first monthly computer lab, training fourteen of our headquarters staff.  Read about the 1-2-1 lab here.)
  • Obviously, all of this takes discipline, good time management, and knowing my priorities.  Thank you for praying about these things–they don’t come naturally! (Praying for God to bring more volunteers to help would be good, too.)

Through your prayers and support of our ministry, you, too, are helping to reach people all over the world through internet ministry. Also, by reading my blogs, you can help increase the probability that random visitors will find them. (Click here to subscribe to all my blogs.)

What do you think?

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