Student Ministry in Romania

We have encouraging news to share with you from Romania. Their campus ministry has an effective partnership with churches, training high school and university students together.

A New Life

The Romanian students organized evangelistic seminars and shared their faith in dorms, malls, and parks.  In two weeks of walking around one town, the staff and students spoke with 200 people.  Only one refused to talk with them while eighty indicated decisions for Christ.  Initially Simion didn’t want to talk with them, but they presented the booklet, “Choose Life,” inviting him to ask God into his life. To their surprise Simion prayed and then he said, “You’re God’s angels. He sent you to save my life.” Simion had planned to take his life on the very bench where they were sitting.  His parents had died the year before. His brother and sister sold the family home without his knowledge and gave him nothing. He lost his job when the company he worked for went bankrupt. He felt as if he had nothing to live for. Now SImion is coming to church each week and has asked to be baptized.

Summer Camp

The high point in the Romanian campus ministry each year is the ten-day summer camp. The seventy students who participated last summer were challenged to make Jesus and His moral values fundamental in their lives. During this camp, the students who have not yet placed their faith in Christ live closely with the Christians and see the Gospel through their friends’ actions, attitudes, and speech.

Student Conference

Thirty-eight Romanian students joined another 250 + students from fifteen countries for a conference this past week.  We’ve included photos of students from one Romanian campus so you can pray specifically for them, and for all the students, that they will dedicate their lives entirely to the extension of God’s Kingdom.  Their immediate challenge is to reach 14 million college students on more than 3,000 campuses in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Thank you for joining with us in equipping students around the world to reach their campuses for Christ

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