Jenn’s Adventure Begins and You Can Follow Along

We’ve enjoyed having Jenn with us since early December.   I especially enjoyed it when all three of us would ride to work together.  (She was employed full-time in the Specialized Donations office.)  We took this picture on a beautiful, windy day in the quad at Campus Crusade for Christ World Headquarters.

So, why wasn’t she at school?  She will be in April… in Germany!  The semesters are different there, so she’ll be taking classes (in German) from early April through July.  I’m sure she’ll appreciate your prayers for her to be safe and healthy and to do well in her studies.  She’ll return just two weeks before she begins her senior year at Stetson University.

She actually boarded a plane last night and should be landing at the Basel airport within the hour. She’ll email us sometime later today that she arrived safely.

I’ll write about her time in Germany once in a while, but you can follow her new blog directly.  She’ll be sharing photos and stories regularly at the brightest and the darkest.  Jenn’s already written some great posts about getting ready to go, including our trip to D.C. for Ben and Bonnie’s baby shower. (Here’s my photos from the trip.)  In the upper right corner of Jenn’s blog, you can subscribe with your email address to receive a notice when she writes something new.  As it happened, her camera broke just a few days ago, so we helped her pick out a new one.  She’s all set to take some great travel photos and give you a peek into studying abroad.  She’d love to have you join her travels.

Jenn actually left early to intern at The Art Factory in Kandern, Germany.  We’ll write more about this ministry in the next few weeks.  Jenn will be studying at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Freiburg, Germany, which is in the Black Forest region.

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