A Baby Shower Trip

Josh, Jenn, and I visited Ben and Bonnie in DC for Little Schmitt’s baby shower. We decided not to stop overnight, so on March 1st and on March 6th we drove the whole way from 7 am to 10 pm.  (It wasn’t that bad.  I’d do it again.)

The baby shower was fun with many of Bonnie’s friends attending and her mom and sister, too.  The food and decorations followed a Peter Rabbit theme.  You can see some pictures in my Facebook photo album from our trip.

We took three short trips while we were in town.  We  visited the National Cathedral one afternoon; this photo was taken in the foyer before our planned stop at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard in Vienna,Virginia (even with cold temperatures and a light snow flurry).

Jenn wanted to visit the National Museum of the American Indian, especially to see an exhibit on horses and Indian culture.  We then crossed the mall to the National Gallery of Art and were really impressed! We saw original works by VanGogh, DaVinci, Rembrandt, Gaugin, Picasso, and more.

On our third trip, we went back for more of the National Gallery of Art and also visited the Renwick Gallery, too, which had an exhibit of  decorative arts from the White House.

Mike needed to stay in Orlando because of the one-month-long system test and missed joining us for this family trip. You can see all the fun photos of the baby shower and our sightseeing activity as if you were able to come, too.

For more restaurant ideas, check out my list of Places to Eat in the D. C. Area.

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