Easter Outreach Ideas


I’m addressing Easter cards this week and remembered I want to be more intentional about sharing my faith, especially at this time of year. I’m sure you know Easter draws a lot of people to church services who otherwise wouldn’t go during the rest of the year, so it’s naturally a good time to invite friends and neighbors to church, but your co-workers and many people you encounter while running errands would also be open to conversations about Easter.

I highly recommend you check out the “10 Easter Outreach Ideas” on Campus Crusade for Christ’s website.

Here’s my recommendations as well:

Another resource (that I haven’t used) is a set of Resurrection Eggs®.  (You can find them at Wal-Mart, too).  Our FamilyLife ministry shares a true story of using their Resurrection Eggs® to share the Gospel:

“It can be really tough for parents living in poverty to find time to play with or teach their kids. Often the families have a hard time just getting through life. So when we began planning for our Easter event last year, we knew that we wanted it to be a family activity.

“We decided to share the gospel story through Resurrection Eggs®,a resource from FamilyLife.”  (Read the rest of the story on FamilyLife’s site.)


One thought on “Easter Outreach Ideas

  1. Good day!
    Nice ideas you have in here.
    I have similar topics on my page that might interest you.
    God speed!


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