Day of Prayer and Praying for the New JESUS Film Director

Day of Prayer

Twice per year since its founding, the movement of Campus Crusade for Christ meets for a Day of Prayer. Today, we’ll suspend our day-to-day operations and meet with all the staff at headquarters to pray for the needs of our ministry and the advancement of God’s kingdom.  We included links below to prayer requests if you would like to join us.

100 Days of Prayer

We also learned that the JESUS Film Project began 100 Days of Prayer, starting on April 2nd, when their new director took over from Jim and Nan Green.  We’ll miss having Jim at the helm, but were very moved by this video interview of Erick and Elizabeth Schenkel.  Click on over to the video to learn the story of their ministry in Central Asia and what God did when they returned to their ministry there after suffering from severe beatings.  (You might also like to join the friends and staff who are part of the JESUS Film Project as they focus on the Lord.  They are on day eighteen today and invite you to join them.)

Where to find prayer requests:

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