Photography Tips on e4e

If you know the Schmitts very well, you know we love photography.

For some time now I’ve wanted to have photography tips on my eQuipping for eMinistry blog (e4e). God answered that prayer by re-connecting me with Pat Mingarelli.  Pat was on staff as a photographer for Campus Crusade for Christ’s Worldwide Challenge magazine; he’s now a professional photographer.  When I asked if he’d like to help staff with taking better photos for their prayer letters, brochures, and blogs, he jumped on the opportunity.  He’ll be writing a monthly tip for e4e.

Today was Pat’s first official guest post about photography: 5 Things to Remember When Taking an Outdoor Portrait.  You can see on the graph that within only 17 hours of posting, 766 visitors came to eQuipping for eMinistry (The count rose to 879 by the end of the day. I usually have about 100 daily)!  I knew people would be interested in this topic, so this was very encouraging today.

I also thought you might want to know about Pat’s photography tips on e4e.  If you have a news aggregator for RSS feeds, is all you need to follow Pat’s tips.

More about Pat:

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