I’ve Fallen… (via Kindling)

Shipwreck in a Storm by Willem van Diest 1600s

For today’s faith lesson, I’m sharing this post by my friend, Judy, from her blog, Kindling.

“I was walking—quickly—through the busy Cincinnati airport.  Then it happened.   You know, how sometimes the sole of your shoe catches on carpet?  Yep.  Next thing I knew, I was sprawled face down on said carpet, with my purse contents strewn widely. Was I hurt?  It took a moment to determine that only my dignity was seriously injured…

“If only it were so easy in the relationships and responsibilities of our lives…”  Read More via Kindling

NOTE: This painting, Shipwreck in a Storm, by Willem van Diest, is in the public domain.  The accompanying notes in Wikipedia read:

“Van Diest’s seascapes are full of vivid details, for example, the figures clinging to the wreckage as ships break up in a violent storm. Protestant sermons and popular literature urged the Dutch to see moral lessons in nature and everyday life. Whether a shopkeeper or ship owner, someone seeing such a painting in a home might well reflect upon the soul on its journey through a life fraught with dangers.”

What do you think?

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