Six Things to Thank God for This Year

When Bill and Vonette Bright first launched Campus Crusade for Christ as a ministry in 1951, their slogan was “win the campus today and change the world tomorrow.”  Sixty years later, the U.S. campus ministry (known as Cru) has a network of vibrant, growing ministries on 1,660 colleges and universities.

God has done some amazing things this year on U.S. campuses:

  1. Your financial support has given 10 million people an opportunity to know God personally this past year through the US Campus Ministry of Cru. In other words, a student or professor heard the gospel once every three seconds.
  2. Thanks to your help 119,000 people began a relationship with Christ.
  3. This past winter about 3,000 students attended our Korean American Winter Conferences. Our ministry reaching Korean American students is one of our largest ethnic student ministries.  We also have ministries targeting African and Asian Americans, Latinos and Native Americans, as well as international students.
  4. Your support has given 42,000 high school and middle school students an opportunity to know Christ, with 4,500 beginning a relationship with him. (Did you know that over 70% of our high school and middle school ministries are run by volunteers?)
  5. More than 3,200 faculty and students went on summer mission trips this summer, investing their lives in others. Midshipmen at the Naval Academy went on mission projects to Haiti, Venezuela, and Kenya – even though they had less than one month off for the summer.
  6. This past year you helped send and sustain 750 foreign missionaries to 35 nations around the world – many of whom are serving in the least evangelized parts of the world, such as the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Thank you for helping us reach the 110 million students attending colleges and universities globally, many of whom will become the leaders of tomorrow. Your partnership with us helps us serve our staff around the world through our work at Campus Crusade for Christ’s international headquarters.

Your financial and prayer partnership with us is a great encouragement and allows us to continue our ministry in an undistracted manner.  We increasingly sense God using our skills and experience more than ever before.  We consider it a privilege to serve God alongside you.

NOTE: Josh took this photo of the old gymnasium at the University of Florida with his Samsung phone’s camera.

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