Josh Is Working on a Master’s Degree

If you’ve been following our family news, you know that Josh was let go by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions in early 2011. Josh had just completed all his nuclear materials on-the-job training, but (for economic reasons) the company let go of 25% of their employees.

After more than a year job-hunting, Josh’s friends recommended he switch gears and apply to get his Master’s in mechanical engineering. This past August he started taking classes at the University of Central Florida here in Orlando. Josh is also a research assistant, working in a laboratory with a group of graduate students who are investigating turbine and energy generation, including biofuels. (He also has a stipend for his job as a research assistant, so, of course, he’s glad to have income again.)

Thank you so much for praying for Josh during his job search. He’s enjoying being back in school and is learning challenging material. He appreciates your prayers that his experience at UCF will enable him to get into the area of mechanical engineering that “turns his crank.”

NOTE: This picture was taken this past March in Washington, D.C., outside of the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum.  Josh is standing by a model of the sun while Ben, Bonnie, and Jenn are standing by the display marking Earth’s distance from the Sun.  Learn more about Voyage, a one to 10-billion scale model of our Solar System which starts outside the National Air and Space Museum and ends outside the Smithsonian Castle (a distance of 2000 feet).

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