Social Media and Cru

“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.”

~ Erik Qualman

Social Media for Non Profits Conference

Sus was excited to attend her first (non-Crusade) conference in Austin this past month, the Social Media for NonProfits conference. She gained a lot of ideas that she can share with our staff.

Two others from Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) attended: Paul from Bridges International, which reaches international students on campuses, and Donna from Here’s Life Inner City in Los Angeles. We all agreed that the conference gave us a lot of ideas and tools to help connect with the people we minister to. (Donna wants to reach the alumni of the past twenty years from Cru’s S.A.Y. Yes! youth centers.)

Campus Crusade for Christ Staff and Social Media

A few weeks before the conference, Sus was privileged to hear a presentation of a “Social Media Action Proposal”, based on a Campus Crusade research project. Here’s an excerpt:

Cru staff want and need help using digital tools. A huge obstacle is providing ongoing support for staff to help them set-up, maintain and grow in their ability to use Cru’s digital tools effectively.

… most staff do not prefer to use innovative or new digital tools, but they are very passionate about sharing the Gospel.  The biggest opportunity for change is helping our staff connect their passion for evangelism with the opportunity to use digital tools to multiply their ministry efforts.

This is primarily what Sus is trying to do as a ministry to our staff. She’s very energized about finding new opportunities to help more Cru staff learn the technology they need to be more effective, and efficient, in their ministries.


This trip was Sus’ first consulting trip as well. She helped Cru staff in Austin with photo editing, MailChimp, blogging, Facebook, and more. Monday through Wednesday, she met with Paul and Donna as well as about a dozen others from Campus Crusade (staff from our outreach to business professionals and a staff woman who oversees the moms serving in the Texas region of our Campus ministry). Sus appreciated the opportunity to understand the special needs of our field staff and their ministries.

Thank you for being a part of helping Campus Crusade staff learn technology tools to help them be more effective in reaching people for Christ.

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom for Sus in helping staff with technology.
  • More volunteers to help with equipping our staff.

View more photos from the Austin trip!

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