Taking New Steps at the Fitness Center

I forgot that it was Wednesday.

Point A: schools let out an hour earlier on Wednesdays. Point B: my fitness center is next door to a Middle School.

Normally, I try to go workout when I don’t have to deal with school bus convoys and packs of teenagers hanging around the fitness center parking lot. I missed the buses and most of the huddles of  teens, except for when I was ready to go home.  One group of six boys talked animatedly about twenty feet from my parked van

I stood with the car door open, debating with myself.  I had evangelistic “business cards” in my purse on purpose… because of all the kids at the fitness center. I didn’t hear their conversation, but a few colorful words got my attention. I glanced over at them, feeling a bit intimidated. Now that I could actually give my cards to some students, they seemed “threatening.” I decided not to think about it or I would back down.

I walked directly toward them. “Hey, do you guys like anime?”

“Yeah!” They all chimed in.

Now that I was right in front of them they no longer looked like a threatening pack, but just like they were, some fresh-faced kids (although a few were bigger than me), each unique and interested in what I had with me.

I handed them each a card for the My Last Day anime and then handed them a card for EveryStudent.com. Referring to the second card, I said, “I’ve got this one, too. It has answers to questions for students.”

One of the boys had already scanned the code on the anime card to start watching the film on his phone. These teens were really friendly; I even think I could have stayed and had a conversation with them. And perhaps I should have. I assumed they wouldn’t want to talk with someone my age.

I was very happy I took a few steps to trust God this week. I’m hoping He’ll trust me with more opportunities for even bigger steps to share my faith when I’m uncomfortable.

The cards

I recommend these cards to hand out to young people you encounter.

What do you think?

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