Sharing CSU2013 with You: Cru City

Thanks to the internet, we can include all of you in Cru’s biennial staff training. I’m planning to post several times with highlights from various speakers that you can watch at home.

Cru City

Our various city ministries combined together to form Cru City. After students graduate, we know they’ll recognize the name “Cru;” we hope they’ll continue to be involved with us as they pursue their careers.  The first two short videos explain our ministry in cities.

Watch Videos from the Conference

You don’t have to wait for me if you want to jump right in and watch our various speakers. The main sessions are here and the seminars are here. There’s a lot, though, so I recommend you allow me to pick out some of the best. I’ll include a short overview so you’ll know if you want to go ahead and watch that particular video. I hope to write up about five more of our speakers.

 Photos from the Conference

Maybe you’d like to browse my Flickr account with my ministry pictures. Mike took photos for me of the blogger meet up and my seminar. The Cru photos site has images from the entire week.

The  CSU2013 Series

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