MikeandSus.org Blog Reaches 100,000 Page Views!


Mike and Sus’ Blog Reaches 100,000 page views!

What a great milestone today… and just ten days after my blog, eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e), also reached 100,000!

Thanks to all our friends, family, and visitors for helping reach this milestone. Because of you, the effort of producing this site has been fruitful and fulfilling. Thank you!

So, What’s Ahead

As God enables, I will continue writing regularly on:

  • our family
  • our ministry, and the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ
  • encouragement to share your faith
  • our regular newsletters
  • and we always like to share our photography with you.

What I’ve done before, and hope to do more of, are:

  • guest posts from Cru bloggers
  • inspirational and devotional content
  • life and faith real-life stories

This year, major responsibilities in ministry, and extra blogging at The Sovereign and e4e blogs, have kept me from posting here as often as I’d like (every ten days). I’m hoping our schedule will open up in August.

What I really hope to do through my three blogs is to connect the people of the world with the person of Jesus, both indirectly and directly. To God be the glory! Soli Deo gloria! Who knows, maybe The Sovereign will also reach 100,000 this year!

Source: This outstanding fireworks photo is by Jiří Nedorost and is available on Wikimedia Commons.

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