More than a Blog: A Multiplying Ministry

eQuipping for eMinistry had over 25,000 views from these yellow and orange countries in 2014.

I learned recently my efforts to help staff grow in their tech skills has become a small global movement where people begin multiplying what they’re learning into others’ lives.

The Blog: eQuipping for eMinistry

My blogging and training ministry for Campus Crusade for Christ staff is often like planting seeds.  The seeds would be like the individual ideas that I suggest, reminding them that technology is a tool in the work of God’s kingdom. As I’ve planted, some of these seeds have “grown into trees,” producing fruit of their own.  God has brought about this growth. After reading various blog posts, some of our staff are sharing with others what they’ve learned and are also sharing the Gospel in new ways. Many more lives are touched than just the original readers of my blog, eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e).


Patrick MThree staff encouraged me in particular. Here’s an excerpt from Patrick in Cameroon:

“Through the effort of eQuipping for eMinistry I was able to innovate in technology. For example, I don’t need to go to my financial office to ask who has invested online but I check myself. My colleagues are amazed at my rapid development in using technological tools to improve my situation and theirs. Also, I’m challenged to use in a more coherent way. Because of a slow internet, we have had difficulties sharing, but I want to target at least two affinity groups in Yaoundé, Cameroon through ”

What’s especially great about Patrick’s story is he passes along some of my English tech lessons and digital evangelism ideas in French to other staff in Cameroon.


TumaI met Tuma, one of our staff in Fiji, on Facebook in January. He had recently discovered my blog, eQuipping for eMinistry, and began reading it. He wrote me a message in February:

“Hey Sus, I forgot to mention that last month during our Pacific Regional Staff Conference we were able to do a media presentation to teams from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Guam,  and New Zealand. Your website was particularly helpful to us and we shared it with the rest of the staff. Thanks for all the helpful tips and resources, we had such great feedback.”


Thirdly, our friends, Scott and Angie, recently moved from Orlando to Australia to help with the headquarters there. Angie sent me an email:

Angie“I was looking on eQuipping for eMinistry about the benefits of MailChimp. I’d like to help train the communications team here at our Australia Headquarters how to use it.”

I sent Angie some extra material and advice on how to teach this great email tool to our staff down under.

It was so uplifting to receive these messages and to learn that God has been using my blogging efforts to bear fruit around the world!  Counting only the countries that had more  than five visits, eQuipping for eMinistry  had readers from 100 countries in 2014.

… and Beyond

After more than five years, the visitor count for e4e is over 123,000. The top twelve countries’ visitor counts in 2014 were:

  • U.S.A. (16,035)
  • U.K. (1,067)
  • Netherlands (920)
  • Canada (655)
  • India (458)
  • Germany (417)
  • Australia (411)
  • France (357)
  • Brazil (327)
  • Philippines (295)
  • Greece (242)
  • Spain (230)

Mike and I know this fruitfulness is due to God’s kindness, so I’m able to help many Campus Crusade for Christ staff be more effective in ministry through teaching them how to use tech tools. Along with us, you are helping our staff touch more people’s hearts with the truth of Christ as we offer them the ministry tools they need in this digital age. Thank you so much for your partnership with us.

P.S. We’re glad to send complete statistics about this blog… just ask!

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