Nepal Earthquake Relief and GAiN

Global Aid Network (GAiN)

You might not be aware of the humanitarian arm of Cru, Global Aid Network (GAiN). GAiN originated out of the Josh McDowell ministry as Josh, a traveling evangelist with Cru, was burdened with the spiritual and physical needs of people in the former Soviet Bloc. A few years after the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Josh organized Operation Carelift to help them. In 2003, GAiN was born from out of this outreach in order to have more global impact. GAiN works with churches and our Cru staff in 191 countries to meet needs and to share the Gospel.

Prayers for Nepal

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal this past Saturday injured at least 11,000 people. The UN reports more than eight million people have been affected and about 70,000 homes are destroyed. Nepal’s Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala, said that the number of casualties could reach 10,000.

We learned Tuesday that all of Nepalese Cru staff survived. Sus is connected with a few of them and received this message through Facebook:

Please continue to pray for God’s mighty protection and for our good health, in this difficult situation there will be flu and disease, because we are still staying outside house. and also pray for the basic need to be met, because there is scarcity of basic materials, pray for the needed resources for the relief work as Campus Crusade has initiated the rescue work at this time, it would be great help to pray for this task.

Thank you for praying for the few impoverished Christians of Nepal to be a light for God in this dark time.

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake Relief

If you would like to assist Cru and GAiN in responding to the needs of Nepal, give to a special fund online at

[UPDATE 05/14/2015: More news and prayer requests for Nepal after the second major earthquake.]


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