Cru’s Christian Embassies

Christian Embassy bannerAre you aware of the Christian Embassies that Cru has established around the world? In 1975, Cru opened a Christian Embassy in Washington, D.C.  In 1980, we opened another embassy in New York City and now have embassies in capital cities on five continents.

Cru staff at these embassies lead Bible studies and host other events (prayer breakfasts and Christmas dinners,    for example) to reach national and international diplomats and their wives on Capitol Hill, at the Pentagon, at the United Nations, and more. The Christian Embassy cares for and ministers to people in positions of influence to   help them come to faith and encourage them to make an eternal difference in the lives of the people they serve.

The United Nations

About 2500 U.N. diplomats in NYC represent 193 countries. Reaching these world influencers often starts with the diplomats’ wives who have freer schedules. The Christian Embassy provides English practice, cultural transition seminars, Bible discussions, and friendship teas to build trusting relationships with the women. Many times the husbands notice the changes in their wives and show an interest in spiritual discussions as a result.

The women’s Bible study group decided to hold a dinner and present the first video in the Art of Marriage series (which is available through Cru’s FamilyLife ministry).  About a dozen couples attended. Afterward, one couple ordered the six-week series and completed it on their own.  They said it changed their marriage.

with Nan in DC 750x380

Washington, D.C.

One of our staff working at the Embassy in D.C., Nan, has family in Florida while we have family in D.C.  We usually manage to get together twice a year so Sus can assist Nan with her tech questions. Nan’s been an avid learner! She loves hospitality and ministering to people and sees technology as a necessary tool to help her reach more people.

Thank you for praying for Cru staff in the various embassies that they would lead godly lives, pointing these influential people to Jesus Christ as their savior.  It’s a privilege for us to help several of these staff with their technical needs so they are more effective in their ministries. You help them, too, through your prayers and financial investment in our ministry. Thank you for partnering with us.

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