Josh and Nicole Are Engaged


We’ll be having a lot of family news this year. (Yes, stay tuned!) Our last post, as you know, was about the birth of our third grandchild, Adrianna (more photos to come).

This month’s big family news occurred on June 2nd when Josh proposed to Nicole. We were a bit surprised!

A few days earlier, Josh had told us of his plans to marry Nicole on August 28th and that the ring would be mailed to our home the next week. Josh had designed a tulip band and Sus’ brother-in-law, a jeweler, set a blue diamond.

On the day the ring arrived at our home, Josh and Nicole were spending time at the ER. Nicole had a work-related head injury that checked out okay.

The ringWe were expecting Josh to arrive late in the evening to pick up the package, so we were surprised when they both turned up and Josh proceeded to propose to her on his knee in our kitchen! What a special time!

Nicole is a high school friend of Jenn’s and a pastry chef at a country club. Josh and Nicole met at church through Jenn.

Thank you for praying for their preparations for the wedding and for their marriage.


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