Student Group Grows in Uganda

Campus Ministry Grows in Uganda

Just five years ago, less than 50 Christian students gathered regularly at a university in Uganda where most of the students are from another religion. They lived in fear of the administration which promoted the predominant religion’s organizations and subtly persecuted Christians.

One ministry leader at this college, Daniel, was trained by Campus Crusade for Christ during his undergraduate work at another campus. His mentor helped him create a vision for how he might influence other believers to trust God to reach their campus. The Christian students began to share their faith, host gatherings where students could hear the Gospel, and create a community that cared for one another.

The group began to multiply–up to 600 students. They even invited a university administrator to one of their meetings. Afterwards, he said, “Today I see the best students of this campus sitting in this chapel. Is this what your Jesus can do? In that case, from now on, you have my full support to practice your religion on this campus freely.”

When Bill and Vonette Bright first launched Campus Crusade for Christ as an evangelistic movement in 1951, their slogan was “win the campus today and change the world tomorrow.”  Over sixty years later, our campus staff and volunteers are still on the frontlines in the battle for students’ minds and hearts.  These young people have an influence in all areas of society.

Our Part in the Story

Although our daily ministry is with computer systems, and on the Internet, we’re really assisting our global staff in their discipleship of these students and others. Together with them and with you, we are connecting the people of the world to Jesus in 181 countries.

We sense God is using our skills and interests more than ever before.  Mike is assisting the Analytics Team with key projects that will help our leadership identify the places around the world that we are having the greatest impact, as well as where we can strategically target new efforts of evangelism and discipleship.

Sus helps our global missionary staff to use technology for ministry. One of her main tools is, which she uses to share easy-to-understand tech tips and tools for ministry.

Your Part in the Story

Over the years we have been wonderfully blessed by folks like you who have responded to the Lord’s leading and partnered with us in this Great Commission adventure. We appreciate so much your love and prayers.

It’s because of Campus Crusade’s effective ministries, like the Campus Ministry, that we’ve committed ourselves to sharing the life-changing message of Christ to people everywhere. Thank you for helping us reach the 110 million students on college and university campuses around the world today, many of whom will become the leaders of tomorrow.

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