How to Share Your Faith at Risen

We hope these examples of our experience at Risen will help you share your faith through this excellent movie.

“Did you hear what Stacey did?” my friend asked. “She stood up after the movie and said out loud, ‘This is true!’ And then she gave a short gospel message and handed out JESUS Film DVDs to everyone in the theater.”

Wow! I was going to see Risen, too, in about six hours. I knew I would not be able to do what Stacey did, but I concluded God wanted me to be prepared for whatever He might do when I would go. So, I put a variety of tracts in my purse and headed over to the theater after dinner.

How to Share Your Faith at Risen

After purchasing our ticket, I had a short conversation with the gal in the booth, handing her The Passage tract.

“This is one of my favorite booklets,” I said. “It’s about freedom in Christ.”

“Oh, good,” she beamed. “I’ll have something to read when it’s slow.”

I was a little taken aback by her enthusiasm and probably should have talked with her more. There was no one waiting in line right then.

A Tale of Two Men

Later, as the movie started, we heard one of the men seated to our left say, “he saw the light.”

Apparently, we were sitting in the “Amen Section.” Occasionally, this man would make a comment out loud about Clavius’ encounter with the facts about Jesus’ Resurrection. I don’t know if this was his version of “witnessing” or if he thought he was in a church service. I personally don’t recommend this behavior, tossing vague statements out into the dark. I think it would be annoying and confusing to any nonbelievers present.

I’m sure many of the people in the audience were Christians; we all applauded at the conclusion of the movie. (For my movie review, go to Risen Definitely Rises to the Top.)

Mike and I always stay for all the credits. As we stood up, one of the clean-up crew called out to the three of us in the theater.

“Was that a great movie, or what?”

We agreed with him and then he told us he was trying to get the younger employee with him to go see the movie. He also said he was trying to witness to his friend. So, I gave both of these men a Passage tract, too, laying my hand on my Christian brother’s shoulder and saying I would pray for these two, as this older man was trying to bring his friend to Christ. Again, perhaps, we could have talked a little longer with them without keeping them from their work.

How to Share Your Faith after Risen

We recommend that you encourage your nonbelieving friends to see Risen and then go with them, if possible, so you can discuss the movie with them afterwards.

You might also be interested in sharing some of the images and videos from the Facebook site for Risen with your friends, encouraging them to see this outstanding movie.


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