The Gypsy and the Poison Rings


The nesting Russian dolls drew me into the shop.

Lori and I were poking around Artegon Marketplace.  I noticed a window display of matryoshka dolls and walked over to check them out. Two women from Moscow were running the store. One, a tall woman laden with jewelry, began dragging us from one area to another, looking for something that would hold our interest.

Right away she let us know she was a Gypsy. The many rings, bangles, and her other adornments were unique about her. Early in our conversation, she explained that she was wearing amulets.

I’ll call her Fawnie (because it’s a Gypsy woman’s name meaning “finger ring.”)

We were fascinated to chat with her after having several interesting conversations that morning already. Fawnie was determined we would buy something first before we left her shop. Her last effort was to pull us over to a counter display of rings.

“These are poison rings,” she pointed out.

About a dozen rings had a tiny hinge next to a large gem which then could be tipped open, revealing a little chamber underneath for poisonous powder.

“Who would be interested in one of these?” I asked, imagining a dark dining hall in a castle far away and many centuries ago.

Fawnie assured me that people were intrigued by these.

We made our excuses and headed out.

I’m looking forward to dropping in again next time I’m in this mall. I don’t know what living gospel seed God may have allowed Lori and me to sow that morning.  During our conversations, I gave both women a business card with a link to the JESUS film in Russian.

Join me in praying that these two Russian women would be drawn to watch the story of Jesus in their language and that they would respond to His love for them. Thank you for praying for Fawnie. She’s obviously burdened with superstition and fear.

Read about our other conversations at Artegon mall and pray for the many internationals who visit or live in Orlando that they will hear about Jesus.


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