Reaching Family with a Short Film

Sara, a college freshman, boldly (and nervously) shared a Cru evangelistic video, Falling Plates, through Facebook with thirty-five friends and family. Here’s her story…

Sara’s Story

People in my family have struggled with depression, abuse, and alcoholism. I’ve been praying for my whole family since I became a believer four years ago.

About 30 of us students gathered in a small room for about 3 hours. We were asked to share a short film with friends and family on Facebook and to ask them for a response. I was terrified, but also excited. I posted the video to about 10-15 people initially, with a comment like, “I just saw this at a conference and I thought it was really good. I’d like to know what stuck out to you the most.”

While we were still doing the outreach, I started getting responses from my family!

The mood of our household is completely turned around. I’ve never seen my mom so alive in Christ. She’s in the Word, reading books, wanting to grow, and we have spiritual conversations we’ve never had before. Then in April, my dad put his trust in Christ!


Your Part in This Story

We count it a privilege that God allows us, together with you, to help reach out on thousands of campuses daily, and globally, through the work we do at Cru headquarters. Both of our personal ministries support our field staff in their discipleship of these students and others.

Over the years we’ve been wonderfully encouraged by folks like you who’ve responded to the Lord’s leading and have partnered with us in building God’s Kingdom. We sense God using our skills more than ever before; He’s blessed us with increasing opportunities to help our staff be more effective and to reach more people. Through your generous donations, God sees you as a member of “our financial and prayer team.” Your prayers support us as God guides us in what we are called to do and, as you give, He also credits our ministry to you (see Matthew 10: 41 – 42). How awesome is that?!

We appreciate your faithful prayers and generous investment in our ministry. As Jesus encouraged us: “but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  (Matthew 6:20 -21)

You’ve been a blessing to us. Together with our Cru staff and with you, we’re connecting people to Jesus in 181 countries.


  • Interested in being a financial partner? Learn more about our ministry, with an opportunity to give, here.
  • Thank you for praying with us that God will draw the families we need to complete “our team.”
  • Read all of Sara’s story on, a Cru website encouraging digital strategies to bring people to Jesus. Sara’s photo is part of the blog post and is used by permission.

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