FamilyLife’s Feature-Length Movie, Like Arrows

Many of you may be aware of Cru’s FamilyLife ministry through the FamilyLife Today radio program or through attending a Weekend to Remember conference. The very first conference, in 1976, was a pre-marriage conference for engaged Cru staff members only.

Two years later, Cru leadership opened the doors to the public and even hosted two international conferences. In the early 80’s, attendance at Weekend to Remember marriage conferences and The Art of Marriage Bible studies grew tremendously. Then the FamilyLife Today radio broadcast launched in 1992 to reach millions of couples with daily encouragement and biblical advice. The ministry multiplied through “I Still Do” arena events in the late 90’s. The Art of Marriage video events launched in 2011, reaching thousands of couples in homes and smaller settings.

We personally have attended and benefited from many of these events (the gospel is always clearly presented). God has blessed FamilyLife by rescuing and strengthening innumerable marriages and many have come to Christ.

This spring, FamilyLife is launching a Gospel-centered parenting initiative, starting with their first full-length feature movie, Like Arrows, which will show in 800+ theaters across the country (on May 1 and 3 only). The response from early audiences is overwhelming; many say the film encouraged them that it’s never too late to be intentional and to invite God into the center of their home. The movie follows one couple’s parenting journey throughout their life and offers you an opportunity to invite a family who may need encouragement.

This parenting initiative also includes a video-based small group curriculum (The Art of Parenting), an online course, and more. An outreach aspect will be available later, in August. We would be happy to pray specifically for your friends that you invite to join you for the movie of for a parenting small group study.

FamilyLife’s vision is to see “Every Home a Godly Home.” Mike considers it a privilege to be working on a large project which will benefit this vital Cru ministry. Through your prayers and through Mike, you too, are helping FamilyLife. Thank you for praying for families to be centered on Christ through these new parenting initiatives.

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