Mike’s Work at Headquarters: 2018

For more than 67 years, Cru has sought to assist the Body of Christ with tools and strategies to reach even greater numbers of people. Technology has extended this reach globally. For instance, Cru’s JESUS Film has been shown in over 225 countries. Their reach is even greater with their Internet sites and mobile app.

Mike’s Work at Headquarters

Mike is working on a system that equips Cru’s ministries which have large needs (like the JESUS Film, Athletes in Action, Josh McDowell ministries, Inner City, and others). Through the system, their donor representatives keep in touch with the donors who fund major projects.  Cru is blessed to have these dedicated and generous people who help move our ministries forward in some very significant ways. This new system helps these donor reps give personal attention to our friends of the ministry.

Helping the JESUS Film

The JESUS Film is one of Cru’s largest and very effective ministries with over 1500 translations of the film available worldwide.  As donors to the Jesus Film ministry ourselves, Mike has especially enjoyed working with their staff on this system. They have over 30 donor representatives and managers overseeing them. Most are not that tech-savvy, so Mike has gotten to know what they do and how they need a computer to help them. He then tries to make the system as easy and useful as possible for them.

Imagine one of these representatives traveling to meet with some of the JESUS Film’s donors. After picking up his rental car, he checks his phone to refresh in his mind the last activities before heading to the meeting. When did they talk on the phone? When and where did they meet last? The above image shows what his phone would look like.

Besides knowing how to connect with the donor, the rep needs to know their personal information, family and past giving interests.  Having an overview of a donor’s information helps the donor reps so they know if they’re serving the needs of Cru’s major donors well. The next image shows how that information would look on the representative’s laptop.

The largest piece of this project was released in July. Mike worked with a team of over 15 people for more than a year to get this first phase up and running. They’ve begun work on the next piece and will be including more Cru ministries in the system soon.

Your Role

Over the 40+ years we‘ve been part of this wonderful movement, we‘ve seen how technology helps accomplish the work of God’s kingdom on earth and for eternity. Through your faith, prayers, and financial investment, you make this possible. We ourselves, and Cru as a whole, can only do what we do because of your prayer and financial support of our ministry. We pray the Lord gives you great joy in knowing you have a part in making disciples of all nations, as Jesus commanded us all, 2000 years ago.

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