Thank You for Providing Training for Cru Staff

God has blessed me with a wonderful ministry to Cru staff, helping them be more effective through technology.

Last week, I prepared a MailChimp workshop to help them with email communication. The lighting was too dark (that’s me in front). My laptop was sluggish. The mic didn’t pick up my voice, so online listeners struggled to hear.

The staff still appreciated what they learned despite these challenges. Randy wrote me that afternoon: “Thanks for leading the seminar today. Thanks for all those tips each week from your blog, too.  They are so practical and make ministry so much easier for us.”

Thank you for your prayers

Both Mike and I use our skills and motivation to serve our staff. We are here because you have that same heart for them. You pray and provide for us to minister at headquarters (and globally) with our tech and writing skills. When you join with us in our ministry, you help our staff reach out on campuses, plant churches, translate the JESUS Film, and so much more.

We have a $1500 challenge gift from a generous donor who is as excited as I am about serving our Cru staff. Thank you for praying for donations to come in to meet our ongoing needs and the need for better training and equipment.

I love assisting Cru staff with understanding technology for their ministries. Any end-of-year donations will equip me to prepare better training. I’ll be upgrading my equipment and learning new skills, like podcasting and eBook publication. My dream would be to travel to some of our regional offices for FamilyLife, Athletes in Action, Josh McDowell, and others. I would do training sessions at these locations and expand my online training.

Thank you for helping Randy and other Cru staff have more effective ministries through learning technology skills. We count it a privilege that God allows us, together with you, to help reach people with the gospel through Cru staff serving around the world. Thank you for sharing in the privilege of assisting Cru staff with technology for their ministries.

Interested in the challenge gift opportunity? Make donations at

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