Our Ministry and the Cru19 Conference

Our Ministry and the Cru19 Conference

“God loves you and He loves what you’re trying to do.” – Gary Haugen

Our biennial U.S. staff training conference always offers amazing speakers who we like to share with you. This year’s conference, Cru19, on the Colorado State campus in July, was no exception.

We know you’ll enjoy watching some videos from the conference. We picked out four messages which will bless you.

Find the links to these four inspirational video messages below. Click on the names of the speakers to go to their messages. I’m also posting them on our Facebook page: Mike and Sus Ministry.

The Speakers

Steve Douglass, Campus Crusade for Christ’s president, spoke about his journey in becoming more effective in evangelism. Years ago, he didn’t feel he was that good at witnessing nor even motivated to do it. He challenged us to:

  1. Pray, asking God to help us do better,
  2. Learn how to share our faith,
  3. Look for opportunities, and
  4. Pursue the opportunities God gives us to talk to people about Christ.

Beth Guckenberger is co-executive director of Back2Back Ministries, an orphans ministry. Beth encouraged us to be established on the Word of God then we will know “we are in the center of His will and whatever it is that we ask of Him, He is already in agreement of it.”

Gary Haugen is the CEO of International Justice Mission. Gary shared what he believes is “the sustaining truth that matters to us all: God loves you and He loves what you’re trying to do.”

Shaila Visser is one of the top 100 most influential Christian women in Canada. She is former Canadian Cru staff and a vice-president of Alpha International. Shaila reminded us of the joy of evangelism. She encouraged us to discern what God is already doing around us and to join Him in His harvest.

Beyond the Speakers

Celebrating Mike’s 40 years with Cru, we attended a gathering for long-term staff. The banquet room overflowed with missionaries who’ve been serving for decades. What a joy to reconnect with friends from around the country, and even the world, celebrating their milestones.

Also, Sus takes advantage of being with all our U.S. staff by offering events during the conference. She had three times of specific connection to help them with writing for ministry.

One of these was a meetup for writers. Sus spent twelve weeks organizing and advertising for it. Cru staff writers came for encouragement and advice from each other.

She thoroughly enjoyed the many conversations she had with Cru staff. About 150 came to the three events. Throughout the year, she loves helping them succeed through various events she hosts and through her blog, eQuipping4eMinistry.com.

This last photo was taken in CSU’s arena during one of our main sessions. You see we pretty much fill it. 4,600 staff attended with 1,300 kids in tow.

At the U.S. National Conference we connect with God as a Cru staff family. Together, we ask Him to direct our ministry as we take the Gospel to the people of the world. Thank you for joining with us through prayers and finances in God’s call to establish His kingdom.

Thank you for praying for our time at the conference.


  • Two photos are by Cru photographers and are available on the Cru19 Flickr account; the one of Sus is by Mike.
  • Here’s quotes from our featured speakers:
    • Steve Douglass – “God can use you,,, probably more than He already is. If you are open.”
    • Beth Guckenberger  – “The Bible is the only sword we take into battle.”
    • Gary Haugen – “When I believe that God loves me, I am free to love others.”
    • Shaila Visser – “Evangelism is joining a conversation the Holy Spirit is already having with another person.”
  • Bonus speaker: Dr. Heather Holleman, Cru staff and instructor at Penn State. Her life-changing message is only 30 minutes. Go to the 52:00 minute mark of a taped Campus Ministry session for Heather’s talk. Sus has gotten to know Heather as they work together to encourage Cru staff writers.

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