EveryCampus and Prayer

In 2017, national leaders of Cru and InterVarsity discussed their visions for American colleges. They asked: “What can we do together that we couldn’t do apart?”

God used this question to bring about EveryCampus – a partnership of twenty-two ministries trusting God for gospel movements on every college campus.

Prayer changes students, campuses and cultures.

God changes people and entire campuses in response to our prayers. The first goal of EveryCampus is to prayer-walk all 4,948 campuses in the U. S. by January 1, 2020.

We learned about EveryCampus while at our Staff Conference in July. On our way home, we took the opportunity to prayer-walk a campus with Jenn and Brian (our daughter and her husband). We happened to be on campus when no classes were in session. We spent about 15 minutes praying for administrators, students, and teachers.

Students are praying.

Logan, a freshman at Valparaiso University in Indiana, heard about EveryCampus through Cru.

On a cold winter night, Logan and two of his friends stepped out at 10:30 with the EveryCampus prayer guide. Others soon joined them. Eight students walked the campus for hours praying and worshipping God together.

InterVarsity students, Matthew and John, were prayer-walking the University of Alabama. When they reached fraternity row, they felt they should go in one of the houses. As two black men, they weren’t comfortable stepping into a frat house. But John asked, “What if it’s time to go in? What if God is inviting us into a different story?”

As they approached the house, someone asked what they were doing there.

Matthew said, “We’ve been praying about issues students face on campus, and we wanted to pray for your house. Can we pray for you?”

The student agreed, and Matthew and John ended up praying for this man and for the whole house. All the frat brothers had been watching an NCAA tournament. They turned the TV off to have these two students pray for them!

God is moving on campuses across the country.

God is working in students’ lives across the U.S. Yet, almost 77% of our nation’s college campuses don’t have a community of Christians sharing the hope of Jesus. God can change that through prayer. If you would like to watch a video of Cru students prayer-walking some of these campuses watch bit.ly/EveryCampusVideo.

Would you prayer-walk a campus? 2,638 campuses still need people to prayer-walk them. Visit everycampus.com for names of campuses and for the prayer guides. Ask someone to join you in praying for America’s next leaders.

If you’re unable to go, ask God to lead people to prayer-walk the campuses near you. Everycampus.com will help you find these schools.

Please join us in trusting God for a revival among America’s students. We’re praying for Christian communities to form on every campus. May God strengthen and equip these young believers to share their faith with others.

God is working in the hearts of our country’s next leaders as He draws them to Himself.

We’re praying with you for America’s students.

Source: The photo by Victoria Heath is shareable on Unsplash.

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