God Has a Plan to Grow Churches during the Pandemic

Since the pandemic, Cru’s 2000 church-planting missionaries, like most of us, were confined to their homes. Yet, God had a plan for Cru’s Global Church Movement (GCM).

God Has a Plan to Grow Churches during the Pandemic

Ethiopia’s GCM director, Miktile Boyto, considered the poor Internet service in many parts of his country. Also, most of his church planters don’t have smartphones.

He decided to send out GCM’s church-planting training through short text messages to 9000 staff members and volunteers. He asked them to forward the training to others. Within a few days 63,105 people were receiving his daily texts. They planted about 200 churches as a result.

Many countries report more people attend online church services than had been attending in person. One church of 100 before lockdown grew to 2,262 online. In one restricted Asian country, 10,000 churches re-emerged as 300,000 home groups.

Over the years, we’ve rejoiced with you in these many stories of God moving in people’s hearts.

The Year of Our Lord, 2020

2020 has been a tragic year for so many: the Pandemic, riots, brutal attacks, hurricanes, wildfires, and more. Fortunately, neither of us have had Covid, but Sus has had several medical issues. She broke one collarbone after the other in November 2019 and February 2020. From March to August, Sus did not feel quite right at times. By mid-September, she was in the hospital twice with Atrial Fibrillation along with a 50% blockage in an artery. She’s doing much better now with medications. In October, she learned she had lost some hearing, so we decided it was time for her to have hearing aids. We’re grateful God has carried us through Sus’ medical needs. We’d appreciate your prayers that He would supply the extra funds to cover these expenses.

We also want to be sensitive to your story of this past year. How has your family and your church fared during the Pandemic? Please email or text us. We want to pray for you.

Our Partnership

In the encouraging stories we shared with you and even behind the tragic events this year, rest assured God is in control and is moving in significant ways in people’s lives. He’s given us the opportunity and privilege, along with you, to be a part of what He is doing. Thank you for your partnership through your prayers and generosity so people might respond to Jesus. OUR ministry is YOUR ministry.


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