A Winter Trip to Williamsburg

We had a last-minute opportunity in December to spend two nights in Williamsburg, Virginia! Mike didn’t know that it was on my bucket list for quite a while to see Williamsburg in December.

Someone at work was unable to use their room reservations and was giving them away. We quickly grabbed this gift and left a day early to visit Ben and Bonnie for Christmas, stopping in Williamsburg on the drive up.

A Winter Trip to Williamsburg

We were very surprised that the Thursday and Friday before Christmas were not that busy. The weather was crisply cold and sunny. Homes and shops were decorated with pine boughs, fruits, feathers, and other natural things. As we love photography, we had a lot of fun capturing the charm of the area.

We bought passes and enjoyed our tours of:

  • The Governor’s Palace
  • The Randolph House
  • The Capitol
  • The Rockefellers’ Bassett Hall (more, later in this post)
  • The Magazine
  • The Printing Office & Bindery
  • The Public Armoury with the tinsmith and blacksmith

We enjoyed a tasty lunch in Josiah Chowning’s Tavern.

We warmed up with a delicious ginger cake, hot out of the brick oven at the bakery behind the Raleigh Tavern.

After dark, we followed a torch-lit procession of fife and drum down Duke of Gloucester Street.

Be sure to click on over to see our photos of colonial Williamsburg.

The Rockefellers and Williamsburg

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. was a key investor in restoring Williamsburg. He and his family would stay often in their home in Williamsburg, Bassett Hall. The home is not open every day of the week; it was the Thursday we visited. I didn’t include the following photos in the photos of colonial Williamsburg.

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