A Brief Look at Cru’s Ministry in India

A Brief Look at Cru’s Ministry in India

Over 40 years ago, Mike connected with George Ninan, then National Director for India. The year George joined Campus Crusade, the Indian national staff rose from three to fifteen. Now, India has 400 campus staff and around 350 church planters in rural areas. George was honored recently for his fifty years on staff in India.

Responding to the Covid Crisis

George and Annie sent the following letter and photo in August (George is to the right of the oxygen equipment). They wrote:

“In April, our region was hit by the 2nd wave of Covid. This time even young and healthy people were affected. The numbers were beyond what hospitals could handle and people died without oxygen. Working alongside civic authorities, we turned our auditorium into a sixty-bed Covid Care unit. With help from several friends in the U.S., we were able to import fifty oxygen concentrators and distribute those to several agencies. Both India and Nepal went through prolonged shutdowns, job losses, poverty, and frustration. 148 of our staff were infected but survived Covid. Three of them are still weak and slowly recovering. We lost three staff to Covid. Please pray with us that a third wave does not hit the region!

Fifty Years of Ministry

“When we look back, we had such a blessed fifty years! We were privileged to work with leaders who loved the Lord and cared for us, some of the most gifted and committed teams one could dream of, and staff who were much more qualified and capable than us. We had the rare privilege of being with an organization God chose to bless, through hundreds of miracles. After stepping down from leadership positions in 2012, we have been assisting the South Asia Director in church planting. We praise God for all His mercies!”

Just as you partner with us and pray for our ministry, we have done the same with some of our wonderful international staff. We thank God for George and Annie and for so many of our faithful missionaries. They have dedicated their lives to building God’s kingdom and have trusted Him to provide for them. Thank you for your prayers for us and for Cru missionaries.


  • Oxygen machine photo courtesy of George Ninan
  • Indian river city, Varanasi, photo by Srivatsan on Unsplash

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