Remembering Mom Schmitt

Lily, Mom Schmitt, Patrick, Ben, Adriana, Bonnie, Abigail, Luke

Eleanor Schmitt (1930 – 2022)

In October and November, all of our family took trips to visit Mike’s mom, Eleanor Schmitt, in Naples, Florida. Her health was declining, so everyone wanted to visit Grandma and Grandpa. (We knew you’d enjoy Ben and Bonnie’s photo of their surprise visit.)

On January 7th, Mom Schmitt went to be with our Lord. As you read this, our family will be in Naples again, for Mom’s memorial service and to support Dad, Skip Schmitt.

Mom was born in Donora, Pennsylvania, where she and Dad met in High School. Afterward, she studied nursing in Pittsburgh and received an RN degree. Mike always felt it was great to have a nurse for a mom. She always knew what to do for illnesses and injuries. Mom and Dad settled in Erie, Pennsylvania, where they raised Jeff, Mike, and Nancy. Mom was a great mother and homemaker and made each of us feel special on birthdays and holidays. She kept up with our busy lives and always enjoyed having her family come for visits. Although we will miss Mom, we look forward to a joyful reunion in heaven.

Other Family News

As we write this, it’s February 5th. A year ago, Josh and Nicole moved back to Orlando from Texas. We’ve enjoyed getting together with them from time to time.

In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Ben and his family in the St. Augustine area. They spent part of their time looking at houses. They’re hoping to move from Virginia to an area north of Jacksonville. What a blessing that will be to have them closer.

In January, Brian, Jenn, and Kent visited for a late Christmas. Brian has some video and podcasting projects he’s excited about. Jenn is hoping to finish her Ph.D. dissertation this summer. Kent will be two in May. He’s learned to catch balls and recognize a few letters of the alphabet.

(We’ve had other visits with the family the past two years. See our photos at

Sus and Mike in Azalea Park in Orlando


Thank you for your prayers for our family and for our ministry these many years. God has blessed us with our loving family and with special times together. God has answered your prayers in wonderful ways.

During this season, thank you for praying for:

  • Grandpa Schmitt’s health; he has always had a positive attitude, even with his advanced Parkinson’s.
  • Ben and Bonnie to find a home in Florida and to sell their home in Virginia this year.
  • Jenn to complete her dissertation this summer. She appreciates prayers for endurance.
  • Sus to publish (online) all the content of a conference she helped organize in January 2020. Cru staff will be able to watch the videos and work through handouts to grow in their writing skills.

Many of you have prayed for our family for a very long time. Thank you so much! We’re grateful for you, your love, and your prayers.

We’re grateful for your partnership in our ministry as well. Through your prayers and generosity, we help Cru staff minister every day around the world to those who are without Christ. Through God’s provision, and your partnership with us, people are responding to Jesus every day.

We thank God for YOU!


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