Remembering Skip Schmitt and Other Family News

Nancy, Mike, Ellie, Skip, and Jeff on Mike’s parents’ 50th anniversary in 2002.

Regis “Skip” Schmitt (1930 – 2022)

On September 24th, Mike’s dad went to be with our Lord. (We’re grateful our Naples family did not need to be concerned for his safety when Hurricane Ian hit southwest Florida a few days later.)

Dad was born in Donora, Pennsylvania. He met Mom when they earned parts in a high school play. Dad studied Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie. He was drafted, serving two years in the army during the Korean war. Then, Mom and Dad raised Jeff, Mike, and Nancy in Erie, Pennsylvania. Dad demonstrated an exceptional work ethic, working for many decades for LORD Corporation. A man of great integrity, Dad modeled commitment to family, church, and country.

An avid sports enthusiast, Dad enjoyed racquetball, pool, and golfing with his buddies until Parkinson’s made it too difficult. Although we will miss Dad, we look forward to a joyful reunion in heaven.

Other Family News

In August, Sus spent a week in Minnesota. She babysat, cooked, and cleaned for Brian, Jenn, and Kent, so Jenn could progress on her PHD dissertation before the fall semester started. (Jenn should complete her dissertation this December.) Sus also visited with her brother, sister, and family as a “birthday present” to herself.

On September 14th, Sus had an ablation on her heart. The surgeon froze 115 areas that sent the wrong electrical signals, causing her Atrial Fibrillation. She is doing well and checked in with her cardiologist on October 14th. Her doctor will start taking her off several strong medications in January.

Hurricane Ian visited us from September 28th through the 30th. We were without power for 17 hours. We had minimal damage to our siding and many branches to clean up. Just north of us, Josh and Nicole were without power for three days; but also had a generator to keep their refrigerator and freezer running.

As part of their move to Florida, Ben, Bonnie, and their little family arrived in Orlando on October 3rd. We spent the week with them, then helped them drive to Jacksonville on October 8th. After seeing their new home the next day, we returned to Orlando. The movers delivered their things  on October 17th. Ben and Bonnie expect their sixth little Schmitt in late December or early January.

These months have been eventful. We expect the rest of the year to be as full. Thank you for your prayers for our family and ministry these many years. God has answered your prayers. We’re grateful for your partnership in ministry, too. Together, we are reaching this troubled world with God’s Good News.

Thank you for all you do in serving our Lord.


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