A Long Birthday Celebration

Jenn Is Close to Receiving Her Doctorate

I went to Minnesota in August to help Jenn so she could have focused time to study for her doctorate. I’d say we were successful. She completed two things she wanted to do.

I helped Brian and Jenn by playing with Kent, cleaning, and cooking. I made a number of frozen meals. My last night there, Jenn and I relaxed with some coloring. We enjoyed that a lot.

Thank you for praying for Jenn over this semester:

  • She should be done writing in mid-November and be defending in mid-December.
  • She’s also teaching an online “reading German” class for non-German majors.

We plan to return to Minnesota in the spring for Jenn’s graduation ceremony.

A Long Birthday Celebration

I made this trip as an early birthday present to myself. I thought seeing family was the best way to celebrate.

My sister and her husband are always in Iowa in the summer. They came up to the Twin Cities (along with my brother) so we could have a day together.  It was great to have relaxed time with family. A nice surprise was to go see my mom’s childhood home (see photo – my brother is the family historian.)

Back in Florida on my actual birthday, we went out to dinner with Josh and Nicole.

On October 3, Ben and family will arrive to stay with us five days before moving into their new home in Jacksonville. I’m counting their visit as part of my birthday celebration.

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