Celebrating Sus’ 50th Spiritual Birthday

Celebrating Sus’ 50th Spiritual Birthday

Fifty years ago, on February 19, 1973, I stopped wondering whether I was a child of God: I finally saw my sin and that Christ had died for me. Since then, God, my Creator, has skillfully stitched together the pieces of my life in a beautiful way. I thought you would be encouraged by a few highlights.

As a child, I believed that God exists and that Jesus is God. In high school, I hoped I was “good enough” for Heaven. By college, I knew I was not. I learned that following rules was not the ticket for getting in. I knew it was impossible to be perfect. In my sophomore year at college, I ate every meal with a small group of Christian students. Their lives spoke volumes to me. As I woke on that day in February, I thought, “Why am I fighting it? If Jesus died for all the rules I’ve broken, then I should thank Him.”

After getting up from my knees, I pulled my Bible out of my suitcase in the closet and opened it to Mark 8:38. God immediately gave me my life verse. Here Jesus says:

“For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of Man also be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.”

God has brought me back to this verse many times over these fifty years. Through this verse, He has given me a desire to obey God, especially in talking about Him when I meet people.

As I thanked God for His forgiveness that morning, I moved from rules to a relationship with my Lord. I grew through Bible study, worship, prayer, and sharing my faith. Being involved with Cru at Arizona State University, I knew I wanted to be a missionary with Cru when I graduated, making a lifetime commitment from the start.

After graduating, I arrived to serve at Cru’s headquarters in San Bernardino, California. God used my early years at headquarters to start learning about computer technology (where I also met Mike who joined Cru’s missionary staff in 1979 and has been with the computer department ever since). In 1982, we married and began raising our family. In 1991, we moved our family to Cru’s new headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

In my teens, I wanted to be a writer, but that piece did not fit into my life then. Later, God opened opportunities for me to learn writing skills as an adult. A friend told me about blogging in 2007 and encouraged me to do it. In 2009, I asked Judy Douglass, the wife of Cru’s president, if I could work under her to train our missionary staff on technology. I’ve provided training sessions, gathered writers together, researched and explained helpful tools on eQuipping4eMinistry.com, and much more. I enjoy presenting tech help in an interesting and understandable way. Through writing, we have helped many field staff worldwide with their ministries.

That “we” includes you. You are part of this journey, too, because your prayers and financial participation make you a part of the ministry God has called Mike and me to (Matthew 10:41 – 42). Here’s what Jean of Austin, Texas, wrote about a post on my blog:

“Sus, this is exactly where I am, how did you know? I need to use technology lots, lots, better. Thanks for the help!”

A large part of what “we” do is assist Cru staff through my blog posts on eQuipping4eMinistry.com. I especially enjoy helping those who may not have easy access to support or need technology explained without the jargon. I’ve included more of the thanks I’ve received. I want you to know these thanks are to you as well.

These thanks are for you, too! You make this ministry possible.

“I praise God for your life and the way He blesses us through your gifting. I admire your discipline and commitment, it is a huge encouragement to me. So much that I have asked my husband to have a monthly session to work together taking care of our donor relationships. God bless you as you continue blessing so many.” – Layo and Luchy, Costa Rica

 “Thank you, Sus, very important information. All staff must know!” – Daniel, Saint Petersburg, Russia

“Every time I read your blog posts I am blessed and encouraged by your gentle wisdom. It isn’t shared in an overbearing way, but as more of an invitation. . . I talked to Chris today about your advice. . . we’re not as far along as I wish we were. Even just being aware has been helpful to thinking differently. So appreciate you and your gracious service to Cru staff.” –  Marchauna, Spokane, Washington

“Thank you for the training. It is bearing fruit.” – Mathias, Cameroon

 A techie I’m not, but learning thanks to you. Love your site.” – Jacquie, Winter Garden, Florida

We’re grateful to God and to you.

I owe a great debt to God and must give Him the credit for who I am and what He has given me to do. All the little pieces He’s stitched together over the years are more than I could list here. He has used you in His plan for “our” part in His Kingdom work. You’ve strengthened Mike and me   through prayer for our ministry at headquarters. God has worked through you to faithfully supply our needs. Thank you so much!

I learned to quilt during the Covid lockdown. I pieced and stitched this table runner for our daughter Jenn for Christmas.

What do you think?

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