The Amazing Story of the Jesus Film’s 2000th Translation

The Amazing Story of the Jesus Film’s 2000th Translation

The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the biggest obstacles the Jesus Film Project has ever faced. Plans ground to a halt, yet the work needed to continue. Millions were still waiting to hear the gospel in their heart language (the language they learned naturally as a child).

 – The Zo Language

Unable to travel, our translation teams looked for contacts in immigrant communities across the U.S. Many of these people groups had the least access to the gospel. A cold call connected Cru’s JESUS Film Project with Pastor Sing of Myanmar. Pastor Sing attended a seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and leads a Zo house church (see the photo or watch this story on YouTube at

Pastor Sing knows his people need to hear the story of Jesus in their language in a format they can understand. A 2019 translation of the Zo Bible has not yet been printed. In addition, many of the Zo can’t read. The Zo, roughly 65,000 people, live in northwestern Myanmar and northeastern India. Because of discrimination and persecution, many Zo are scattered around the world. Some live in 28 cities around the U.S.

From Fort Worth, Texas, to Yangon, Myanmar

Almost before the Zo language recording was done, Pastor Sing was preparing a detailed plan to reach his people. He prayed for a premier showing in Yangon. According to Cru missionary staff in Yangon, over 300 people celebrated and watched the Zo JESUS film. Everyone praised God when they heard Jesus speak in Zo, their heart language.

JESUS film translation in Zo could have taken a decade. But God’s will that all nations know Him cannot be stopped, even by a global pandemic. He used the recording team, Pastor Sing, and the Zo community to begin this outreach to 65,000 Zo.

Thank you for praying for many Zo to hear and respond to Jesus. It’s a privilege to be a part of Cru and watch God at work through our Jesus Film Project. Thank you for joining with us, both prayerfully and financially, so that the Zo and many more people may know our Lord.


  • Much of this information is taken from an article on the Jesus Film Project website.
  • Also see their video, “Jesus Speaks Zo.” The photo of the boat in the jungle is a screenshot from the video.
  • The green dot on the map of Myanmar is approximately where the Zo people live.

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