The Sower by Vincent Van Gogh

How To Share Your Faith

YOU really can share your faith as a way of life and join God in His great spiritual harvest.

A New Perspective

The most significant change in my perspective on witnessing came from reading Dr. Bright’s book, Witnessing Without Fear. You can get a copy for yourself to read and/or get the video for yourself or your church group.

Getting Started

The Transferable Concepts from Campus Crusade for Christ have helped Christians for decades to learn how to share their faith.

So, now you need some tools.

This interactive site, 5 Clicks, will help you write a testimony so you can share your story of how you came to Christ.

Click here for a comprehensive list of online resources from Campus Crusade for Christ.

Campus Crusade Tracts

Knowing God Personally is my favorite Four Spiritual Laws booklet. You can also find this booklet in over a hundred languages that you can print from your computer and some languages can be printed in bilingual format at .

Often, the person you share with will be a Christian who needs to know about the Spirit-filled Life.  I keep these booklets in my purse as well.

Click here for a comprehensive list of online resources from Campus Crusade for Christ.

Some stories to encourage you

Every week, I share from past and recent experiences to help you think of ways you can reach out to others with your faith in Christ. God will make your own experiences unique to you. Just be willing and available.  I hope these stories help you share your faith.

You might also enjoy a Bible study on John 4 about God’s Harvest that my husband, Mike, wrote.


Resources to help you reach your friends of other faiths

Music videos for sharing your faith

What do you think?

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