The New JESUS Film Celebrates 35 Years of Ministry

Happy 35th anniversary to the JESUS Film! The JESUS Film HD version was released yesterday in celebration of their 35th anniversary. The DVD, now also in Blu-Ray, has a new original soundtrack and was remastered for high definition. The JESUS Film has been shown in more than 200 countries and translated into 1,190 languages. Billions have watched this movie with 200 million people indicating decisions for Christ. The film has been shown on dusty savannahs, in steamy rain forests, and elegant theaters around the world. See the JESUS Film in Your Local Theater Visit the special anniversary site to find out where to buy … Continue reading The New JESUS Film Celebrates 35 Years of Ministry

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Give Jesus to Your International Neighbors

The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children, an adaptation of the JESUS Film, is available through December 31, 2013, at fifty cents a piece (specifically, 200 for $100)! This movie shares the life of Jesus through the fictional “eyewitness” of one family and a group of children. The film is effective in reaching all age groups and cultures with their need for a relationship with Christ.

This DVD includes twenty-four language versions of the movie [Read more…] Continue reading Give Jesus to Your International Neighbors

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Christmas and Tragedies

Thank you to Taryn who posted a  comforting perspective of the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting and how that impacts us while celebrating Christmas. This excerpt is from her blog, Waiting on God:

Our world is dark with mourning. Our tears won’t stop. Parents and non-parents have ruptured hearts. Americans’ and non-Americans’ spirits are heavy. All of us grieve. The heart of the Great I Am grieves more than any of us.

The heart of the One who created those precious lives lost in Connecticut and loved them with an unfathomable love. Continue reading “Christmas and Tragedies”

Share a Video and Share Your Faith

New Evangelistic Video

Cru released a video on Tuesday that has had over 70,000 views in two days.  This video, #Falling Plates, is a fantastic visual presentation of God’s love for us.

You can help the video to “go viral.” First, watch it to see what you think.

You Can Help

Now that you’ve seen the video, I know you want to help share it, using links in eMail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Continue reading “Share a Video and Share Your Faith”

Flight to Egypt Christmas Stamp

I love this new Christmas stamp! According to Seasons of Grace,  the Post Office has issued both a secular and a religious stamp for fifty years.The stamps were typically taken from a medieval artist’s depiction of the madonna and child . Seasons of Grace quotes Louis Guiliano, representing the postal service’s Board of Governors, as he explained the departure from their usual stamp style:

“[The flight into Egypt is] another part of the Christmas story.  Forty-eight out of 50 years were the same type of image, we wanted to express a different part of the Christmas story.” Continue reading “Flight to Egypt Christmas Stamp”