cross on beach dune

Sharing Your Faith Over Easter Weekend

cross on beach duneSharing Your Faith Over Easter Weekend

Have you been sharing your faith this week? The Easter season is a good time to start a conversation about Jesus. No one has ever objected to my asking if they have a place to go for Easter Sunday. I asked a lab technician, Ariel, last week.

“Yes, I’m going with my mom,” she said.

Later, I asked, “what does Easter mean to you?”

Ariel paused. “I don’t know,”

I could tell the question startled her. Going to an Easter service with her mother may be something she does yearly without knowing why. I shared a brief account of God’s great love for us to die for our sins.

“That’s beautiful,” she replied.

I hope you’ll pray for Ariel and start your own conversations these next few days.

Posting Easter Greetings on Social Media

Meanwhile, today and the next few days, also consider what you can email or post online about Easter.

DaySpring offers free Easter greetings for email (up to 10 addresses), Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • Pin their ecard to Pinterest.
  • If you want to, send yourself the email version:
    • Copy the image and paste it into a group email (for more than 10 people).
    • Or save the image to use in other social media services. (Include @dayspringcards in your post if you upload the image to Instagram.)

Here’s a few Easter posts I recommend to share with your friends and family on social media. Read them and pick the one that you like:

Join me in sharing Christ through social media. Set aside some time for this opportunity and let me know what you do!

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Sharing Your Faith Easter Pin


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