Tell People What You’ve Found

I read something recently that encouraged me to share my faith more (see NOTES). I hope that this beautiful imagery is a blessing to you as it was to me.

Tell People What You’ve Found

“The heart of the Christian message is that Jesus is breathtakingly great, a person to be treasured in His immeasurable worth. If one gains Him, one gains everything. . .

“John Piper illustrates this with an analogy of a spring:

‘God has no needs that I [or anyone else] could ever be required to satisfy. God has no deficiencies that I might be required to supply. He is complete in himself. . .The upshot of this is that God is [like] a mountain spring, not a watering trough. A mountain spring is self-replenishing. It constantly overflows and supplies others. But a watering trough needs to be filled with a pump or bucket brigade. So if you want to glorify the worth of a spring you do it by getting down on your hands and knees and drinking to your heart’s satisfaction, until you have the refreshment and strength to go back down in the valley and tell people what you’ve found.'”


  • The book I’m reading is published by Cru and co-authored by Cru staff, Rick Hove and Dr. Heather Holleman of our Faculty Commons ministry. This ministry and the book equip professors to have a Christian witness within their professions. The book is very helpful if you know a grad student or professor you’d like to share it with. Buy it from Cru Press. Or look for A Grander Story: An Invitation to Christian Professors at most book stores.
    • This post comes from a quote in the book, A Grander Story, and is on page 28.
    • Dr. Holleman also quotes John Piper in his book, The Pleasures of God, pp. 215 – 216.
    • I added [like] in the quote from Piper because I felt it helped convey the true meaning of what he wrote.

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