My Thoughts on Turning Sixty

“Make new friends, but keep the old;

One is silver. The other gold.”

~ a Girl Scout campfire song


Today’s the day.

I’d anticipated “the big 6 -0” for at least a year now, but hadn’t really pondered what that meant to me. I hope I can express this in just a few thoughtful paragraphs.

I often think about the two verses in the gospels that begin “Jesus came.” He came to “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10 NIV) and also came so we “may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10 NIV). So, as his servant, I want to spend my days seeking the lost as well. I’ll continue to share my faith as I’m out and about and also through the internet. As the Lord continues to enable me, I want to help Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) staff make significant advancement in tech skills needed for their ministry of reaching the lost in our internet age. He has given me His heart for this and He has definitely given me a full and satisfying life.

I love the ministry God has given me, which is encouraging CCC staff to learn the technology they need to do their ministries more effectively.  It’s an exciting job and much more fun than work to me. The opportunities are coming faster than I can keep up with.

As I look to the next year ahead, I want to be more socially engaged in doing my work. I’d like to see practical tech training provided for staff at our next U.S. training conference next summer. I plan to learn how to publish eBooks and start writing some before my next birthday. I have a good dozen ideas already.

Of course, a major milestone for all of the Schmitts was the birth of Patrick James Schmitt this past July.  I’m looking forward to praying for him and watching him grow spiritually and in all areas. (Of course, I have pictures.  I’ll add to “Pix of Patrick.” from time to time.)

God has been good to me and to all my family. We’ve been blessed in many ways.  I decided to share just a small portion of that blessing by posting a lot of photos online. Why? Well, obviously different people have come in and out of my life in six decades.  Very few would have the whole picture of my life and different events in it.  My family would, of course, and my “golden friends” (see the campfire song) would certainly know a lot. My “silver friends” might be interested to see some pictures from before they knew me. When I thought of doing this “online photo album” I wanted to honor many of the people in my life who’ve made me who I am, so it’s not simply a history of my life, but a tribute to people.

Being very active in social media, I decided to set the Facebook album up like a “reception” with people coming and going. I hoped some would reconnect with old friends and remember the events we shared together. Drop on in! You may even see someone you know. I think I’ll do this for my birthdays from now on. I have lots of photos and lots of friends, so I’ll put up new photos each year.

I thank God for family, friends, a long life, and His unfailing love and faithfulness.

What do you think?

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