Redeeming Online Conversations

If you checked the top trends on for several days now, you’d see a LOT of activity on the internet about Manti Te’o and Lance Armstrong.  The conversations usually aren’t edifying; a lot of negative and trashy comments are circulating about Manti Te’o in particular.

I alerted 160+ Cru bloggers a few days ago that it’s a good time to use these trending topics to draw some people to a godly perspective.  I suggested they could post about lies and truth and the sin nature of man or something along those lines.  I’ve read some great posts from them and thought I’d share these blog posts with you:

I also wrote a post that I thought I could re-use with Twitter in the future when similar stories hit the news: Are You Trusting Men or Trusting God? I chose to use Scripture and photos to convey the message so I can share this post with people concerned with a wider variety of topics and current events.

Thank you for praying for Campus Crusade for Christ staff who write on the internet that:

  • they would recognize opportunities to share their faith in this way
  • they would have God’s wisdom what to write

Also, thank you for encouraging me in this ministry and please pray that I would be able to help more of our staff gain visibility and influence on the internet.


What do you think?

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