A Little At A Time

I am bursting with ideas and stories, but I do not want to overwhelm you. So, my plan is to write about once per week. Generally, I will share thoughts, Scripture, motivation, and witnessing stories. Please invite others to sign up. Also remember to come to the site to share comments on something you’ve read or to read other’s comments.

Another good reason for not flooding your inbox comes from Quotes To Live By: Learning to Listen To Those Who Suffer For Christ by Alex Buchan (page 8).

An itinerant preacher in a closed country would leave five verses for new Christians to meditate on as a church body while he was gone. After six months, he would visit again and give them five more verses. He would wait a year after people received Christ before giving them a Bible. Normally, new Christians fall away at a high rate of 40% or more in this difficult country. Interestingly, this man’s flock lost only 5%.

The preacher explained, “I don’t want them to encounter too much truth too fast. Otherwise they will get into the bad habit of never using what they know.’’ He also said, “A verse a week is the right pace. It slows them down to believe at the heart’s pace. It is dangerous to learn truth faster than we can live it.”

Alex Buchanan continued, “… The great German theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, was sensitive to this also, disciplining himself never to meditate on more than one verse per week. He claimed that if you read too fast, you ended up believing too little.”

So, I will generally only publish one thought per week.

What do you think?

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