Ever since the attacks on America on September 11th, 2001, Campus Crusade for Christ has published evangelistic mini magazines you can use as witnessing tools. I will keep you posted on the Recommended Resources page on how you can obtain them.

Almost a year after the attack on the Pentagon, our family took a vacation to Washington, D.C. I made sure I had fifty copies of Fallen, But Not Forgotten. I wish I had more because I distributed them single-handedly in one day! The people I found most interested in the magazines were the security guards. Tourists and locals alike were interested. One of the last I handed out was to a Muslim woman working at the desk of the Library of Congress. I wondered how much negative remarks she had endured and hoped this magazine would touch her heart. Even now, I can pray for her as she is the only face I remember from that long ago. This magazine is still available if you are planning a trip to NYC or DC.

The most current magazine is Higher Ground, written after Hurricane Katrina. I would encourage anyone to distribute this magazine anywhere, not just in hurricane-damaged areas, as this is still a disaster much on people’s hearts wherever they live.

One morning, I had to drop a check off at the dentist’s and drop our car off for repairs. I grabbed a handful of copies of Higher Ground as I went out the door.

At the dentist’s, I knew one of the gals pretty well, so I just gave one to each of the women in the reception area and told them I had more copies if they wanted to ask me for them. I should have had more with me to just leave for their waiting room. I am thinking about going back with a stack to offer to them.

Any profession with a waiting room would be a good place to take a number of copies if you have an appointment to go to in the next few weeks. Just ask if they would like these free magazines to leave in their waiting room. Be sure to write back and add a comment on The Sower to share about how this worked out for you. Start praying and thinking about where you will be going. The doctor’s? The hospital? Do you have a Christian friend who would put copies in their place of business?

My next stop was at our mechanic’s. He is a glum, two-word kind of guy. After telling him what we needed repaired, his phone rang.

Nuts! I thought. We were leaving his waiting room and I wanted to ask about leaving about twenty Higher Ground magazines.

He hung up right away and I turned back and asked if I could leave some magazines about Hurricane Katrina.

“Sure,” he grunted and pointed to the counter.

I was really pleased that he let me leave them. I am not very good at remembering to pray, but as I write to you now, I prayed for the people who took the magazines that they would respond to God’s call on their lives.

What do you think?

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