How Long Will The Door Be Open?

“Cops!” Carmen exclaimed. “I jest transferred from a deferent store. They deed not have cops there.” She shook her head and kept staring across the parking lot at a police car.

“Well,” I replied, “a liquor store can attract trouble.”

If I’m available to God, I accept help with my grocery cart so I have a few minutes to talk with the “bagger.” It helped that Carmen was chatty, even if her English was hard to understand.

After my groceries were loaded in the car, I handed her a Spanish Four Laws and pointed out the Da Vinci Code web site I had printed on a label on the back (see blog entry for DaVinci DiLemma).

“I weel ask my seester to look eet up,” Carmen explained. “I do not have a computer.”

People have been interested when I point out the Da Vinci Code website, but the door may be closing. The hype ended abruptly with opening weekend and the “next thing” to grab our national attention will be knocking at the door soon. With that in mind, I grabbed four Da Vinci Code mini-magazines, before heading for the library after lunch.

Now, the mini-magazines are not as “mini” as a tract, but I knew librarians would be easy people to distribute the Da Vinci Code material to. I should have had more magazines with me! I ended up talking with six people yesterday. One librarian and I talked for a long time and I invited him to visit Campus Crusade’s headquarters and take the “Jesus” film tour. He was very interested.

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