DaVinci DiLemma

“Have you read The DaVinci Code?” Bruce asked in his warm, London accent.

“No,” we admitted, our thoughts searching for any useful nugget in our brains that we could unearth for this occasion.

This was a year ago before the recent media hype. Our winter neighbors, Bruce and Sarah, were over for dessert and a game of Cranium. God practically dropped this opening in our laps to talk about spiritual things and we didn’t know how to handle it!

Later, when The DaVinci Code mini-magazines came out in February this year, I took two copies next door to Bruce and his son, Will. They were very interested and accepted them eagerly.

“I think it is fascinating what they are discovering,” Will enthused.

Will apparently viewed the book as fact, not fiction! Again, I tried to mine some hidden treasure in my head, but was coming up empty.

Then today, I read about a recent survey of 1,000 Britons. Of those who had read The DaVinci Code, 2 to 1 were more likely to believe Jesus Christ had children, and 4 to 1 believed that Opus Dei members are capable of murder!

So, yesterday, I carefully checked out various DaVinci Code sites. I found two with material by Josh McDowell that I thought our friends might like and included the links in an e-mail to them. (DaVinci Answers and Transfer the Power).

We would appreciate your prayers for the salvation of our “Brits next door” and their family.

IDEA: Today, I decided to take advantage of all the interest in the DaVinci Code and printed

The DaVinci Code: A Quest for Answers

on a dozen labels and stuck them on the back of my tracts. I plan to point the address out to people when I give them a tract over the next month or more.

HOT NEWS: Josh McDowell’s podcast on The DaVinci Code is the #2 iPod download with 100,000 listeners. (Josh is on Campus Crusade staff.) You can find it at the DaVinci Answers site. He also reads from his book about The DaVinci Code called A Quest for Answers at the same site.

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