Marco, continued


“I pray but I don’t need to go to church…” Marco began to defend himself for not attending Mass.

I briefly mentioned the importance of being with other believers, but decided to ask instead, “Do you read the Bible?”

“No,” he admitted.

“What kind of relationship would you have with your son if you did not talk to each other?” I asked. “You talk to God through prayer and He CAN talk to you through prayer, too, but He mainly speaks to us through the Bible.”

I followed Marco around as he treated our home for insects. We talked about why he should find a church and read his Bible.

After several minutes of exhorting him, I asked, “Is it okay with you that we are talking about these things?”

“Yes, I don’t mind at all,” he said. “You are speaking so kind and gently. Whenever this happens to me I figure God wants to tell me something.”

I was amazed and assured him that the Bible explains that God does use Christians to speak to others.

“It would be wonderful if after all we’ve talked about, you begin at least to start reading your Bible,” I said.

As he left, I handed Marco a Gospel of John.

“This version is easy to understand.”

“I am intelligent . . .” Marco began as he accepted the little paperback.

“I’m sorry,” I smiled at the misunderstanding. “I mean The Message version is written in modern English so it is easier than the old King James Bibles.”


I saw a nest of ants two days ago, so I will be seeing Marco again soon and will be sure to ask him if he started reading his Bible.

I decided this morning I will pray for him to be reading the Word. I have not been as good at praying for the people I share with. I’m looking forward to hearing what God is doing in his life.

The photo of fire ants is in the public domain on Wikimedia Commons.

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